Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Cisco Service Provider Group Debuts 5 New Automation Capabilities

The group of service providers of Cisco today introduced its new Crosswork Network Automation system for service providers. The system uses networks based on intention to help operators predict change and react in near real time. Crosswork includes five separate services. "Each of these could have been their own unique launch," said Jonathan Davidson, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco service provider networks.

The company has been making a great effort with its intention-based network since last June when Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins introduced The Network Intuitive.

It may seem that the business of Cisco service providers is getting into action based on network attempts. But Davidson said: "We've been driving the infrastructure driven by intention for years, I think it's been five years since we acquired Tail-f and changed it to" Network Services Orchestrator. "It's a tool driven by the intention to implement services to throughout its life cycle. "

Davidson said that the first work in networks based on intention "came from the domain of the service provider". He made a "big leap forward with ACI," he said. And the launch of Network Intuitive last June "took it to a whole new level - we are applying these technologies back to the domain of the service provider."

Crosswork Network Automation provides service providers with the tools to describe what they want to do and deliver. Extends Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) and WAN Automation Engine (WAE) capabilities.
Crosswork network automation

The five new services that are announced today are:

Cisco Data Platform. It presents an open source and commercial data analysis platform. The open source platform uses the platform code of the Linux Foundation for network data analysis (PNDA).

Cisco Network Insights This is a cloud-based analytics to solve large-scale routing problems. It is a software as a service (SaaS) delivered in the cloud that allows operators to understand what is happening in their Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) infrastructure.

Cisco Situation Manager This software uses machine learning to correlate events across an operator's infrastructure, logically grouping events so that staff can more quickly determine where problems occur. It also includes a social aspect for staff to share information quickly through common tools such as Slack. "The Situations Administrator has the ability to find a problem that has existed in the past, take information from the repository and apply it directly within the situation in which he is working," Davidson said.

Cisco Health Insights includes intelligent sensors, intelligent alerts and intelligent solutions to monitor and optimize the network; and Cisco Change Automation is an application that automates the application of operations and provides closed circuit control. "These two tools work together," Davidson said. "Once a human being has participated in an event the first time, there is no reason for a human to get involved next time." Closed-loop automation means that if a problem occurs and is solved, then the next time the problem occurs, an alert is issued and the problem is automatically resolved.

Davidson said that Crosswork helps operators with problems they have been complaining about. "We hear that more than 50 percent of network interruptions are caused by human beings writing directly on consoles," he said. "In addition, they have difficulties to understand what happens in all their infrastructure."

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Cisco 352-001 Question Answer

A large enterprise customer is migrating thousands of retail offices from legacy TDM circuits to an Ethernet-based service. The network is running OSPF and has been stable for many years. It is now possible to backhaul the circuits directly to the data centers, bypassing the regional aggregation routers. Which two networking issues need to be addressed to ensure stability with the new design? (Choose two.)

A. Nothing will change if the number of offices is the same.
B. Nothing will change if the number of physical interfaces stays the same.
C. The RIB will increase significantly.
D. The FIB will increase significantly.
E. The amount of LSA flooding will increase significantly.
F. The size of the link-state database will increase significantly.

Answer: EF

A company requests that you consult with them regarding the design of their production, development, and test environments. They indicate that the environments must communicate effectively, but they must be kept separate due to the inherent failures on the development network. What will be configured on the links between the networks to support their design requirements?

D. static routes

Answer: B

Monday, 6 November 2017

Bringing Cisco and BroadSoft Together: An Update from BroadSoft Connections

BroadSoft Connections has long been established as one of the largest communication and teleconference events in the annual calendar. However, this year, the excitement was palpable, after an incredible and innovative announcement that confirmed that Cisco was buying BroadSoft for $ 1.9 billion.

I was there to attend Connections this year, and I heard directly from Cisco Vice President Rowan Trollope and BroadSoft CEO Michael Tessler about the impending purchase and what it means for partners. and the final customers.
Create improved collaboration and communication

Rowan was the first to speak and talk about the journey that Cisco has undertaken so far to create a simpler and more complete solution for a UC & C stack. Rowan suggested that Cisco has a long-standing focus on improving its strategy. Collaboration in a "flexible" manner and noted that the new acquisition of BroadSoft could give the brand access to solutions it did not have before.

As the modern computing environment becomes more complex and distributed, companies such as Cisco and BroadSoft have been looking for solutions that make speed and scalability more accessible. In 2012, Cisco purchased Meraki for $ 1.2 billion, not only to operate its wireless solutions, but also to take full advantage of its infrastructure management technologies. Now this acquisition will be even more important since they cover the base installed by 18 million BroadSoft users.

By placing BroadSoft at the center of its strategy, Cisco can provide richer and more scalable solutions to a wider audience around the world, which can make it the largest competitor in the unified communications market.

An evolution of the BroadSoft strategy

After a positive message about the future of Cisco and its evolution of UC, Rowan spoke with Michael Tessler, who pointed out that, so far, BroadSoft has focused mainly on SMEs. However, with Cisco, BroadSoft will be able to drive some of its "high-end" technologies, especially its three strategic foundations: "BroadSoft Business", "BroadCloud" and "Powered by BroadSoft".

Tessler noted that BroadSoft has always focused on end-user productivity in its suite of applications, making it easier for companies to seamlessly transition to the cloud. They will continue with their open solution for "bOpen" integration, as Michael pointed out that one of the most important elements of BroadSoft's success has been its "open ecosystem". When you explore the BroadSoft Connections broadcast, it's easy to see a wide variety of partners and diverse solutions with BroadSoft integrations.

Address conflicts in a large acquisition

Of course, combining two brands the size of Cisco and BroadSoft is not without its difficulties. In the question and answer session that followed the speeches by Tessler and Trollope, both members debated about the "Spark" overlay and what it would take to combine business collaboration. Rowan said that rationalization will have to start in the portfolio. For now, HCS will continue as a corporate gaming solution, while everything else below that level remains tuned to BroadSoft technology.

One point of concern is the apparent containment of channels between BroadCloud and Cisco HCS. However, Rowan and Michael seemed confident that the two brands could work together to serve the market in the corporate space of HCS using BroadSoft, while larger deployments in BroadCloud could potentially become HCS. Rowan even discussed the idea of ​​partner conflicts over IP endpoints and video and said

    "We have to continue adopting BroadSoft's winning strategy: we have to give customers the option."

However, the pair did not have an answer for everything. Michael Tessler deftly asked a question about "BroadSoft My Room" and "Meet," noting that it was too early to comment on the changes to the "Powered by BroadSoft" brand. In addition, many participants wondered what companies would do to deal with the dramatic differences in their price structures.

Design a common vision for the future

One of the most important issues that BroadSoft and Cisco have adopted together in their future potential is the idea of ​​allowing customers to have more "options." Rowan and Michael seemed to be connected at this point, which has long been a key part of Broadsoft's USP.

Rowan said Cisco and BroadSoft would invest much of their investment in the customer experience area to offer a simpler solution to their customers and develop synergy in terms of sales incentives, cross-selling, etc.

For now, Cisco has suggested that they did not intend to continue with additional UCaS acquisitions, at least not in the immediate future. However, the pre-existing relationship between Cisco and Apple could open new doors for BroadSoft to work with Apple and create new technological solutions for the network.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Cisco 352-001 Question Answer

In a large enterprise network with multiple data centers and thousands of access devices, OSPF is becoming unstable due to link flapping. The current design has the access devices multihomed to large aggregation routers at each of the data centers. How would you redesign the network to improve stability?

A. Add a layer of regional Layer 3 aggregation devices, but leave the ABR function on the data center aggregation routers.
B. Add a layer of regional Layer 2 aggregation devices, but leave the ABR function on the data center aggregation routers.
C. Add a layer of regional Layer 3 aggregation devices and move the ABR function to the regional aggregation device.
D. Add a layer of regional Layer 2 aggregation devices and move the ABR function to the regional aggregation device.

Answer: C

During a network design review, it is recommended that the network with a single large area should be broken up into a backbone and multiple nonbackbone areas.
There are differing opinions on how many ABRs are needed for each area for redundancy. What would be the impact of having additional ABRs per area?

A. There is no impact to increasing the number of ABRs.
B. The SPF calculations are more complex.
C. The number of externals and network summaries are increased.
D. The size of the FIB is increased.

Answer: C

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Cisco 352-001 Question Answer

When you design a network, when would it be required to leak routes into a Level 1 area?

A. when a multicast RP is configured in the nonbackbone area
B. when MPLS L3VPN PE devices are configured in the Level 1 areas
C. when equal cost load balancing is required between the backbone and nonbackbone areas
D. when unequal cost load balancing is required between the backbone and nonbackbone areas

Answer: B

What are two benefits of following a structured hierarchical and modular design? (Choose two.)

A. Each component can be designed independently for its role.
B. Each component can be managed independently based on its role.
C. Each component can be funded by different organizations based on its role.
D. Each component can support multiple roles based on the requirements.
E. Each component can provide redundancy for applications and services.

Answer: AB

Sunday, 20 November 2016

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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pass4sure 352-001 Question Answer

What are three key design principles when using a classic hierarchical network model? (Choose three.)

A. The core layer controls access to resources for security.
B. The core layer should be configured with minimal complexity.
C. The core layer is designed first, followed by the distribution layer and then the access layer.
D. A hierarchical network design model aids fault isolation.
E. The core layer provides server access in a small campus.
F. A hierarchical network design facilitates changes.

Answer: B, D, F

Which three techniques can be used to improve fault isolation in an enterprise network design? (Choose three.)

A. aggregate routing information on an OSPF ABR
B. fully meshed distribution layer
C. Equal-Cost Multipath routing
D. EIGRP query boundaries
E. multiple IS-IS flooding domains
F. tuned Spanning Tree Protocol timers

Answer: A, D, E